SHP Primaflex GmbH

Our employees are driven by their love for details—plastics into perfect shape by our extrusion process


The term “extrusion” is from the Latin “extrudere,” meaning to press out or drive out. In the extrusion method plastics are pushed through a jet in a continuous process.
In this process the plastic—the extrudate—first has to pass through a so-called worm extruder or screw extrusion press, so it melts and becomes homogenized through heat and internal friction. In addition, the pressure required for passing through the jet is built up in the worm extruder. After leaving the jet, the plastic usually sets in a watercooled calibration.

Convincing solutions (Tape Extrusion)

At SHP Primaflex we use an automated tape extrusion process to manufacture hoses. With our specialised machine technology, we process various materials such as PVC, polyurethane (PU) or thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) and manufacture hoses using foil extruded in various ways.

Strong alternatives (Flex Extrusion)

Utilising technology unique to SHP Primaflex in Germany, we are able to manufacture hoses using a flexextrusion process exhibiting excellent flexibility, durability and tensile properties.
Hose construction incoporating axial and helical yarns, provide unique properties compared to similar products without yarn reinforcement.