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Injection moulding
Injection moulding is a manufacturing process for plastic parts. In this process, plastic laminates are plasticized and then injected into a hollow space (moulding cavity) of a tool. Normally the molten plastic
solidifies during the cooling phase in the mould. The injection moulded part can then be removed from the mould, which is referred to as “demoulding“ in industry jargon.

Truly excellent accessories
The end pieces which are manufactured using this process are called sleeves. They can be made from various materials and be of any conceivable shape or size.
In our injection moulding department the plastic parts ordered by customers as custom-moulded end pieces are injection moulded directly onto the hose. This creates a permanent connection between the hose and the injection moulded part. It is a perfect connection fitting for the hose for later use at the application site.

Welding—a unique tunnel technology
In order to securely guide cables and additional hoses we are able to equip different hose types with a special tunnel on its exterior. The high degree of flexibility of the primary hose is maintained. In addition, our patented thermo-isolating tunnel design for hot media provides safe heat protection.