SHP Primaflex GmbH

Hoses are exposed to many influences. Here is how we make them durable

In 1839, Charles Goodyear developed the chemical process of vulcanization. Through a process of applying pressure over a period of time at a high temperature, polymers are made resistant to atmospheric and chemical influences as well as giving them superior mechanical properties.
Vulcanized materials have permanently elastic properties and revert to their original shape after stress is applied to them. In addition, vulcanized materials are more tear resistant, elastic, and resistant to ageing and exposure to atmospheric conditions.

Superior know-how
Before the hose is put into the furnace for vulcanization, premium raw materials, a great deal of manual labour on semi-automated machines and highly specialized expertise is required. We process neoprene, silicone and special materials such as Viton or Hypalon in the vulcanization process. Due to our years of experience in vulcanization, we are able to produce advanced products at a consistently high level of quality.
The hoses we produce stand out for their high flexibility, very low weight, and long service life, even at constantly high temperatures.