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As close-off or connector piece for superelastic hoses. Article number: 5.02.2 See price list for inside diameter.

  • Good resistance to leach and acids
  • Good UV resistance and ozone resistance

Household vacuum cleaners,

Technical specifications

PVC End Connecting Piece black

suitable for hose type suitable for Ø/mmPackaged Unit in pcs.Price/pcs.Article no.
SE, Uni E13SE2512.04 €7022025
SE, Uni E13SE3212.30 €7022032
SE, Uni E13SE3512.40 €7022035
SE, Uni E13SE3812.50 €7022038
SE, Uni E13SE4112.66 €7022041
SE, Uni E13SE4412.94 €7022044
SE, Uni E13SE5113.22 €7022051
SE, Uni E13SE6315.54 €7022063
SE, Uni E13SE7019.82 €7022070
SE, Uni E13SE76110.00 €7022076
SE, Uni E13SE80110.08 €7022080
SE, Uni E13SE89112.72 €7022089
SE, Uni E13SE102113.86 €


PVC End Connecting Piece grey

suitable for hose typesuitable for Ø/mmPackaged Unit in pcs.Price/pcs.Article no.
SE, Uni E13SE2512.24 €7022025
SE, Uni E13SE3212.54 €7022032
SE, Uni E13SE3512.64 €7022035
SE, Uni E13SE3812.76 €7022038
SE, Uni E13SE4112.92 €7022041
SE, Uni E13SE4413.24 €7022044
SE, Uni E13SE5113.54 €7022051
SE, Uni E13SE6316.10 €7022063
SE, Uni E13SE70110.80 €7022070
SE, Uni E13SE76111.00 €7022076
SE, Uni E13SE80111.08 €7022080
SE, Uni E13SE89114.00 €7022089
SE, Uni E13SE102115.24 €


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