SHP Primaflex GmbH

4.03 PRIMAFLEX SPIRA PP80 Temperature range -20 °C to 100 °C 

Insulated flexible (A/C) spiral hose for medium temperature range made of two-ply PVCcoated polyester fabric with inner insulation and spring steel spiral covered by scuff protection. A finely crafted specialist sewn product of high quality using high-grade raw materials. Highly suitable for conveying air-conditioned air on mobile or stationary air-conditioners and for tent air-conditioning. The insulation ensures a low level of temperature loss.

  • Insulated
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • High tensile strength
  • Non-kinking
  • Compressible
  • With scuff protection
  • Large diameters available
  • Continuous connection possible
  • Spiral-free sleeves

Antistaticair conditionlightweighthighly flexiblecompression capacityhigh tensile strengthabrasion protectionTemperature -20to100

Standard length: 7.6 m. According to specifications.

Color: yellow-black.
Extras: end rings instead of end sleeves, Velcro closure for continuous installation.

Ventilation, Ventilation, Smoke suction, Antistatic hoses, Sewer system air supply and ventilation, Air-conditioning and ventilation technology, Fan hose, Ventilation technology, Mobile suction systems, PVC hoses, Weld fume suction, Tank ventilation, Tank degassing, Shipyards,

Technical specifications

Spiral spacing
Bending radius
Article no.
10250680.6000.0500.4507.629.03 €4022102


7.625.26 €4022127
152751060.6000.0500.6707.630.06 €4022152
2031501420.5500.0500.9007.622.88 €4022203
2541501780.4500.0301.1807.628.43 €4022254
3051502140.3500.0301.4007.634.36 €4022305
3561502490.3000.0301.6007.639.87 €4022356
4071502850.2500.0301.8007.645.59 €4022407
4571503200.2200.0302.1007.651.10 €4022457
5081503500.2000.0252.3607.656.71 €4022508
5251503680.2000.0252.4707.658.59 €4022525
6001504200.1700.0202.7007.666.84 €4022600
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