Our insulation options

The right insulation makes your air conditioning system perfect

The following insulation materials can be used to minimize heat losses in the system
can be minimized:

Glass needle fleece

up to + 450 °C (+ 550 °C for a brief period)

  • Thickness: 4-18mm
  • material made of special fibers (white)
  • odorless
  • Fire standard: DIN 4102 (A1)
  • Other certifications for systems under fire classes (UNI M2 L/ISO)

Melamine resin foam

up to + 180 °C (briefly up to + 220 °C)

  • Melamine resin material (gray)
  • tamped (PU)
  • Fire standard: FMVSS-302 (DNI), DIN 4102 (B1), DIN 5510-2 (S4, SR2, ST2), EN 45545 (HL2)

PES nonwoven

up to+ 150 °C

  • Material made of PES (white)
  • Fire standards among others: DIN 5510-2 (S4, SR2, ST2), DIN CEN/TS 45545-2 (HL-3)
  • completely recyclable