Hoses are exposed to many influences. That’s how we make them resilient:

Vulcanization is a chemical technique developed in 1839 by Charles Goodyear. This process makes plastic resistant to atmospheric and chemical influences as well as mechanical stress under the influence of time, temperature and pressure. The processed material has permanently elastic properties after the use of this method and returns to its initial position under mechanical stress. It also has a higher tensile strength, elasticity and resistance to aging and weathering.

A know-how that can be seen 
Even before the hoses are put into the furnace for vulcanization, the best raw material, a lot of manual work on semi-automatic machines from our own mechanical engineering and very special know-how are required. In the vulcanization process, we process neoprene, silicone and special materials such as Viton or Hypalon.
Thanks to our decades of experience in vulcanization, we achieve the most modern, thoroughly reliable quality products:
The hoses are characterized by high flexibility, very low weight and long service life even at permanently high temperatures.