Flexibility is what we excel at - and technical hoses.

Welcome to the fascinating world of SHP Primaflex hose products. Learn more about us in the following pages and benefit from our indepth knowledge of the industry.

As a mid-sized, owner-operated company, we may not be the largest supplier on the market, however, we have the widest range of options in hose manufacturing.
Our core manufacturing processes are sewing, vulcanizing, extruding and injection moulding. We also carry out further processing and implement the most innovative ideas at our company site. That is what we aspire to. This is what we are about.

In addition to a wide standard range, we also manufacture customized customer products and hose systems for all application scenarios. This can be done as a large or small-scale production run or as individual pieces. We have over 40 years of experience in the development and manufacture of technical hoses and this is of immeasurable value, as is our on site personal consultancy services. This means that with every order you get the best expertise, support and always the best solution.

Give us a try. We can stand up to any comparison.